Top 10 Trending Carpet Patterns 2024

trending carpet patterns

Get ready to unfold these amazing carpet patterns and develop a creative outcome in your bedroom, living room, hallways, or kids room. 

When you want to play with the style of flooring, carpet is the best option as it never gets outdated. Carpets come in many colours but patterned carpets have become more popular in the past few years.

The right carpet can showcase the capacity of the floor while providing a comfortable environment. Fill up the empty space in your home with new, beautiful carpets designs. 

Let’s go through the latest trending carpet patterns that will help enlighten the untenanted areas in the house. 

Latest Carpet Patterns Trends

The latest trends in patterned carpets consist of various luxurious styles that will enhance the free spaces and transform your home with creative design and functionality. 

1. Geometric Pattern 

geometric pattern

Geometric patterns are the most popular in carpet designs because there is not only one design, but so many. The amount of geometric patterns available in carpet designs is infinite.

From mixed triangles to hexagons to chevrons, geometric patterns never go out of trend. These designs come in various colours every year and people tend to install one of these patterned carpets in the living room and hallways. 

There many other abstract geometric patterns all around the globe as they make a comeback every year in carpet designs.

Installing these designed carpets can add a sense of contemporary style in your home so give it a try! 

2. Flower Design

flower pattern

Flowers bring a modern and classy look which has become attractive in today’s world. The beautiful floral style on the carpets give a fresh and romantic vibe. 

You can decorate your house using floral carpet because it goes well with any interior. This carpet design comes in colourful designs, having floral print in different, beautiful colours. 

Because of the classic and pleasing design, there’s no doubt that flower patterned carpets are in trend these days and are available all around the world.

3. Abstract Art 

abstract art pattern

Abstract design on carpet adds a sense of creativity with its unique style colours. The irregular design on carpet that is made with an artistic mind and has a bunch of beautiful colours can be a great way to enhance the interior of your home.

Currently, abstract art is popular all over the world and is in demand not only for carpets but for other stuff too. 

If you are looking for living room carpet, then you should go for the artistry patterned carpets that come in varieties of designs and colours. 

4. Texture Magic 

textured pattern

Texture is a key feature in carpets and it’s a great match to contemporary style. The handcrafted knit designs have many varieties and it provides a cosy atmosphere in the house. 

It’s up to you if you want to get the sculpted pattern or high-low texture, any of the textured carpet can be environment-friendly and comfortable underfoot. 

5. Vintage Style 

vintage pattern

The vintage style is making a comeback in today’s interior design. Tribal prints, Persian-inspired and Victorin style patterns are a key to contemporary style. 

These trending designs add warmth and charm in the space and create a classic environment with today’s interior style. 

6. Sustainable Materials 

sustainable material

These eco-friendly patterns made with organic wool and other natural materials like sisal, jute or bamboo are gaining popularity in today’s interior world. 

These patterns and designs reflect nature’s beauty which is becoming more in demand these days. It offers longevity and adds warmth to any room with its cosy texture. 

7. Striped Design 

striped design

Striped pattern is another trending design in carpets that is favourite to many designers. The stripes style not show the variety of tones and shades, but also create layout to the space. 

In many households, stripes patterned carpets are installed in contrast with other striped textiles to go well in the contrasting directions. Horizontal stripes can be more appealing to your room. It can transform the overall look of your interior. 

In addition, you will see a sense of low and motion in the carpet which also adds a dynamic feature to the design. 

8. Swirls 

swirl pattern

The round and curved shape on carpets creates an inspired architectural layout in your bedroom and living room while adding a textural effect.

Swirl patterned carpets bring a warm, cosy, and welcoming temperature in the room. Swirls can also be helpful in soothing the overall glance of the space and equalising the smooth exteriors. 

9. Checkerboard Pattern


The checkerboard pattern can be too much for some people, but many professionals say it can be a great choice to set with modern interiors in bedrooms, hallways, or living rooms. 

This pattern never goes out of style as it owns a timeless charm that is rising in today’s trends. The alternating colours hold a great evenness and balance which creates a visibly pleasing design. 

It is one of the evergreen design elements in interiors which has been popular in style across different eras. From traditional to modern, it has always been a versatile choice to suit with the other colour schemes. 

10. Customisation 

customised carpet

Although there are many options available in patterned carpets, customising your own style pattern is also trending these days. 

Many manufacturers offer the option to create a patterned carpet of your choice that best aligns with the colours and interiors of your room. You can hire a professional worker for this task and tell them the specific design you have in mind.

Everyone has different tastes, some people go for light and dark themed patterns and people who are into sports, order customised football carpets for themselves or for their kids. 

Final Thoughts 

Carpet patterns are evolving around in the world with so many designs and styles and gas become favourite for many designers. Either you go for a geometric pattern, striped design, or seek textured style, carpet trends never go out of style. 

Keep informed of the current trending carpet pattern ideas and transform the overall look of your bedroom, living room, or hallways. 

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