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Carpets at Pay Weekly and Monthly with No Credit Check

Carpets are designed to add warmth, beauty and sophistication to any space. Crafted with high-quality materials, our flooring options come in a vast array of colors, patterns and textures to suit any taste and decor style.
Choose the carpet of your choice at flexible pay weekly and pay monthly payment plans.

From plush and cozy carpets to durable and practical options, our collection is sure to meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a soft, luxurious feel or a hard-wearing flooring solution, we have the perfect carpet for you. Shop our selection today and transform your home into a welcoming and stylish space. Click here to Book an appointment today.

Charcoal Carpet 0811 pay weekly carpers
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Pink Carpet 0130 pay weekly carpet
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Forest Green Carpet 0490 pay weekly carpets
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Gold Carpet 0370 pay weekly carpets
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Cranberry Carpet 0100 pay weekly flooring
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Black Carpet 0801 pay weekly carpets
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Cappuccino Carpet 0231 pay weekly carpets
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Artic Ice
Carpets at pay weekly flooring
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Dark Royal Blue 0790 pay weekly carpets
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Denim Carpet 0780 pay weekly carpets
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Steel Carpet 0860 pay weekly carpets
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Gun Metal Grey 0850 pay weekly carpets
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Pearl Carpet 0240 pay weekly carpet
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Snow White carpet 0890 on pay weekly from £10 per week
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Storm Carpet 0820 pay weekly carpets
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Manchester United carpet from £10 per week with no credit checks.
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Liverpool carpet from £10 per week with no credit checks.
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Arsenal carpet from £10 per week with no credit checks
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Man City
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Why carpets are a great addition to your home cozy feel, floor protection, and style options. Factors to consider before buying include foot traffic, fiber type, and color/pattern choices. Professional installation is crucial for proper fit and longevity. Careful consideration leads to a comfortable and stylish space. Insulating and reducing noise levels creating a serene environment. They also protect floors and provide warmth and comfort underfoot. Creating a cozy ambiance and a touch of luxury to a room. Stunning range of colours, textures, and designs available to choose from. Very easy to maintain and can be cleaned regularly. They improve indoor air quality by trapping dust, pollen, and allergens. Also reducing the risk of slipping and falling. They are safer for children and pets as they provide a soft surface. They can last for years with proper maintenance. At pay day flooring we provide instant credit with no credit check.
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Why Buy From Us?

The minimum you can pay per week is £10 only! We believe in stress-free, feasible payments that don’t bleed you dry!

The cost of the service and the product you choose will remain the same, no matter how much or how often you make the instalments

Bad credit? That’s completely fine, we have no reason to invade your privacy by checking your credit. If you can stick to your payment plan, then you are eligible to be a customer here at Pay Weekly Flooring!

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You should consider factors such as foot traffic, desired comfort level, budget, style preferences, eyc. to pick the carpet best suited for your home. It might sound overwhelming at first, but as a family friendly company, we are always on hand to help and assist you according to your needs.

The surveyor will take the required measurements for you during the home visit. We aim to make this process as easy for you as we can so you don’t have to concern yourself with matters such as measuring. Just pick your carpet and kick back and relax and leave the installation part up to us.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability, and all our carpets are made using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

You will be required to put down a deposit, after which your carpet will be delivered and installed by a team of professionals. Following which, every week (or month, whichever plan you choose) a previously decided upon price will be deducted from your account, making the whole ordeal seamless and easy.

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Why Choose Pay Weekly Flooring !

At Pay Weekly Flooring, you can transform your home quickly and easily using our weekly payment lease scheme.

You can sit back, relax and enjoy the convenience of brand new Carpets, Vinyls & Laminate without having to spend months saving up.

With no hidden charges, fees or interest, you can pay for your chosen items with easy weekly payments straight from your bank account.

No credit or affordability checks which means that you can enjoy them in your home in no time at all.

You simply pay a fixed weekly amount for a fixed number of weeks.

Once your payment date is scheduled and your flooring is chosen, you can sit back and relax as our team of professionals install your new flooring.

Shop the full range of pay weekly flooring today!