8 Best Carpet Materials | A Complete Guide to Carpet Materials

best carpet materials

Carpets are an essential part of most households because of its warmth and comfort. But, you might wonder which is the best carpet material for your room. 

If you are new to the world of carpets, then you must acknowledge different materials including its texture, style, and colours. Before making a final purchase, it’s important to select the right carpet for your room. 

Best Carpet Materials

There are plenty of options available when it comes to carpet materials. For selecting the best carpet material, you must go through the detail of different materials to pick the right one for your room. 

1. Wool 


Wool is one of the most top-quality materials available in carpets. It has a variety of shades available that provide a soft-looking floor and guarantee its longevity. 

It is a natural material that is made from the mixture of wool and nylon and creates an environment-friendly atmosphere. Wool carpets can also strongly resist stains while being less expensive than other materials. 

You can add wool carpet in a bedroom, living room, or dining room because it is popular in style these days. It has a loop style which gives a textured look to your carpet. 

If you are having a bedroom renovation and want to upgrade your carpet, then wool is the best material to select. 

2. Nylon 


There’s no doubt that many modern carpets contain nylon as it is a tough fabric that helps resist dirt. Nylon carpets are a great choice for rooms that include heavy furniture or objects that are not moveable for a long time. 

Nylon carpet is stain-resistant, watertight, and disinfectant which makes it a good choice for homes, schools, and even hospitals because it is antibacterial during production. 

On the other hand, nylon carpets have varieties in colours and styles that can help you keep away from depression caused by heavy furniture. 

3. Polyester 


Polyester carpets have a soft and elegant touch but it does not last much longer as compared to other carpets. Polyester fibre contains petroleum derivatives due to which the pile on carpets starts to wreck after some time. 

Because polyester carpet contains chemicals, its stain resistance and durability is better than wool carpets and other natural fibres. 

Though it is a good alternative to nylon carpets when it comes to providing an environmentally-friendly atmosphere, for blockage areas, polyester carpets might not be an ideal choice. 

4. Acrylic 


It is a material that might not contain 100% acrylic but can be found in a bunch of carpets. Acrylic carpets are often merged with wool which makes them a less expensive purchase as compared to the whole wool carpet. 

Acrylic carpet can show a great result like other carpets in terms of stain resistance and making a floor soft-looking. 

5. Silk 


Silk is always a good choice if you have enough budget but it is not common in carpets. You can get rugs made of silk anywhere in many designs and shades. 

Silk rugs are handmade and can count on a hair’s thickness as compared to other rugs that are made from less flexible materials. The twisted work and pattern handcrafted by skilled workers who create these beautiful pieces can add up to 1,500 knots per square inch. 

They are not only good-looking in terms of artwork but also provide comfort underfoot. Silk rugs are more exquisite than wool carpets and need extra care in the cleaning process. 

6. Olefin 


Another great material for carpet is olefin, also known as polypropylene. Many berber carpets are made of olefin as it is a great carpet material which is easier to clean and stain resistant. 

Olefin carpets last longer so it makes them a great choice for high-traffic spots. Also, there are many colours available in this carpet material so don’t forget to check out all the shades before making a final purchase. 

It is important to keep in mind that olefin carpets can be wrecked due to hot stains such as tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. 

7. Sisal 


Sisal carpet is another good option if you wish to buy a natural fibre carpet. It has a plant-based material that is environmentally-safe because it is decomposable. 

This carpet material is actually durable and can guarantee longevity, in fact, the rope is also made with this fibre. Sisal carpet can hold back the coolness of the room on a hot summer day because of its absorbency and it can also protect you from allergies. 

If you are the kind of person who wanders around in the house barefoot, then sisal carpets might not be a suitable option as it has a rough material because of sisal’s toughness. 

You can get these carpets for hallways since they are not a type of carpet that provides comfort. Also, sisals carpets have only natural colours, mostly tan or white so if you need a colourful carpet, then you should look for other options. 

8. Leather


Leather is something that never goes out of style. This carpet material is made with leather, wool/leather, leather/viscose, these are the common mixtures for leather carpets. 

Many interior designers prefer leather carpets to add a luxurious style to the room. Leather carpets can create a traditional and vintage look to the modern and contemporary style decor. 

Additionally, leather carpets are extremely hard-wearing and are a great choice for those who don’t have time to change the shabby rug. You can place these carpets in a living room, guest room, or even around kids beds because leather is a hard and protective material.

Summing Up

Choosing a right carpet material can vary depending on the overall structure of your room. Other factors could be the amount of budget, colours and style, high-traffic areas in your home. 

Well, it is your decision to choose the right carpet material for your house.  We hope the above mentioned carpet materials helped you in the selecting process. 

When it comes to the final purchase part, the easiest way to get a carpet while handling your budget is to pay weekly while relaxing at home or you can also pay monthly. Choose a plan that is more suitable for you and get your favourite carpet design now!  

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