8 Best Living Room Carpets Ideas

living room carpet ideas

Living room is a place where you sit and relax after a long day, have a chat with your family, or play games with your friends. By adding carpet, you can quickly build a warm atmosphere and give a fresh, aesthetic touch to your living room.  Carpets come in different colours, designs, and materials and installing it in a living room will give a comfortable and warm look. A single change can uplift the quality and comfort of your living room. 

Benefits of Carpets 

Before jumping to the ideas, let’s enlighten you with the benefits of carpets. 

-Carpets are safe and warm.
-Carpets are budget-friendly as compared to other stuff.
-Carpets improve the indoor atmosphere.
-Carpets are luxurious and comfortable.
-Carpets are easier to move and clean.
-Carpets can absorb sound.
-Carpets are versatile. 

Different Types of Living Room Carpets

Since living room carpets have varieties in colours and designs, it is important to have an idea about the material. To make it easy, we have gathered some information about a few types of carpet that are popular in today’s world. 

1. Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are great in quality and create a traditional look in your room. They are durable and easier to clean. You can find various colours and pattern designs in will carpets. 

2. Cut-velvet 

A cut-velvet carpet is made with no loops because they have been removed during its production and these carpets will typically have a shine. It is a great choice for households with children or pets. 

3. Tufted Carpets

Tufted carpets have a pre-knitted backing where tufts are inserted. This design of carpets is suitable for a modern living room interior as they shine because of the use of viscose while manufacturing. 

4. Saxony Carpets 

Saxony carpets contain a long pile that makes them luxurious, whereas shag piles are a bit longer in size. Both are considered a great choice for living room and bedroom

Best Carpet Ideas for Living Room 

Are you upgrading your living room and need some ideas regarding carpets? We have some great options for you. Enhance your living room with a stylish carpet that will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

1. Add a Neutral-Coloured Carpet 

If you decide to pick a neutral-colour carpet, it will not only bring elegance to your living room but also create a sophisticated atmosphere which is comfortable for family and guests.  The popular shades in neutral colours are grey, beige, or cream. Using these colours will provide you the flexibility to change your furniture for years. Using bold and neutral colours also guarantee longevity that will help you create a happy space in the living room. 

2. Put on a Texture With Your Carpet 

You may have no idea what magic shag pile carpets can bring to your living room. The touch of a textured carpet can boost the aesthetics of a living room.  It can give a wonderful underfoot feeling whether the texture is ribbed, looped wool, or herringbone. It can fill up the space and furnish it beautifully while creating a cosy environment. 

3. Get Creative and Turn a Carpet into Artwork 

colourful carpet If you have an artistic side, then playing with colours must be your hobby. You can also use your skills here while updating your living room carpet.  Use bold colours and patterns and create an artistic look in your living room. Ensure that you keep the colour palette simple to match with the overall bold theme. You can also use those carpet colours for the rest of the space.  

4. Contrast With Wall Colour 

wall contrast carpet Dark wall and light floor or light wall and dark floor? It is the most asked-question and honestly, there is not an actual answer to this. Since everyone decorates the living room, focusing on their own opinion.  If your wall colour is dark, then you can keep the floor light. There are many carpets with lighter shades and patterns. You can go for pink, white, yellow, and many more, depending on the colour of the wall. 

5. Enfold Retro Designs 

retro carpet design Upgrading the style of your carpet is an exciting part so you must get creative with your ideas. Putting retro designed carpets together with modern living room interiors will definitely boost the style and give a fresh new look.  When selecting, ensure that you order a bunch of design samples to check the colour, material, and prints in detail. This will help you choose the best carpet design before you fully commit to it. 

6. Create a Luxurious Feel With Wool Carpet 

luxurious wool carpet If we talk about materials, the most luxurious look comes from a wool carpet. If you want a plush feel and need an easy to clean carpet, then this is the best option.  It is a sustainable choice for flooring, giving an aesthetically fresh look to your living room. There are plenty of colours available and you can choose the one that best suits your living room furniture and wall. 

7. Pick a Subtle Pattern to Expand the Space 

subtle carpet pattern If you have a small living room, then you must consider using a carpet to expand the space. The best choice would be stripes carpets that give a classic look.  To opt for a less traditional style carpet, you can pick busy pattern designs that will help distract the overall space in the living room and make the floor space look bigger and attractive.  

8. Give Aesthetic Vibes With Rugs 

rugs Couldn’t find a suitable carpet for the living room? No worries! We have another option for you. Try layering a large rug to cover up the most area of the living room flooring.  Rugs create the same effect like carpets. If you want to update for a seasonal change, then rugs are the ideal option. They are also great in creating the cosy and warm atmosphere while making your living room look beautiful and luxurious with their patterns. 

Final Thoughts 

Living room is the best place to use carpets because of its warmth and comfort. Carpets not only give an aesthetic vibes but they are also a safe option to not get hurt, especially if you have kids at home.  There are plenty of designs and materials available all around the world. You can shop online and pay weekly or you can also pay monthly if that’s more suitable for you.   We hope the ideas mentioned above helped you with the carpet selecting process for your living room. 

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