Difference Between UK & European Beds Size: Everything You Need to Know!

UK European Beds

Beds have been an important part of human history that come with new styles and designs every year. When beds were raised for the first time in Egypt, it not only provided a comfortable sleep but also a protection from rats and other pests. 

In today’s world, there are varieties of beds sizes and designs available all around the world. The options are in a wide range so people can’t pick one easily. Some people don’t have enough knowledge about beds so they must go through the information on a proper bed buying guide

To find out the difference between UK and European beds, you must know that there is a cultural and historical influence. Their regional designs, cultural preferences, and architectural limitations play an important role in parting the dimensions of beds.

If you understand this historical context, then you’ll be able to appreciate the ultra-fine variation of each region’s designs. 

UK Single Bed Vs. European Single Bed 

single bed The major part of the bedroom, single beds are different in size in the UK as compared to Europe. A single mattress in the UK is around 90 x 190 cm, whereas the European single bed mostly measures 90 x 200 cm. 

Basically, a European single bed is slightly longer than the UK single bed which means finding the fitted bed sheets can be demanding if you have a European single bed in the UK or vice versa. 

UK Double Bed Vs. European Double Bed

double bed An upgrade in size will bring a double change in size. The standard double bed size in the UK is 135 x 190 cm. While, on the other hand, a European double bed measures 140 x 200 cm, providing an expanded sleeping space. 

The difference in size can be challenging and require a fitted size in bed linen and covers. It can also influence the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. 

UK King Size Vs. European King Size

king size The popular king size bed, known for filling up the space with its luxurious and aesthetic appearance, is another spot where the divergences derive. The UK king size bed measures 150 x 200 cm which is slightly smaller than a 160 x 200 cm European king size bed. 

This slight difference shows the cultural and historical variations in designs. People with European beds in the UK may face difficulties in finding a perfect size bed sheets and covers. 

UK Super King Size Vs. European Super King Size

super king size To get a more peaceful sleeping experience, a super king size bed is all you need. In the UK, the super king size bed measures 180 x 190 cm as which is marginally smaller than the European bed that is 180 x 200 cm. 

The size difference is not clearly visible but it can be challenging when it comes to finding the fitted size of bed linen. That’s why it is important to understand all the measurements before setting up the bedroom. 

Beds That are Popular in Europe and the UK

There might be a difference in the bed sizes but the style is similar. When you see a European and the UK beds together, you will find no difference in style. Because, the most used beds in both Europe and the UK are of the same categories. 

Here is the list of beds that are popular in the UK  & Europe. 

Antique beds

– Ottoman beds

– Divan beds

Bunk beds

– Murphy beds

Round beds

– Storage beds

Challenges in Finding the Right Size Bed Sheet

Finding a perfect size for a bed sheet is one of the main challenges after buying a bed. Whether it is a single, double, king or super king size bed, the difference in sizes will occur if you live in the UK and buy a European bed.

Since European beds are slightly bigger in size, so many people prefer it but finding a fitted bed linen becomes a bit of a difficult task for them. There are many stores and supermarkets in the UK that have a collection of different bed sheets, but not all of them perfectly align with the dimensions of European beds. 

Some people might get frustrated looking for fitted bed linen because they expect the bedding style to be aesthetic and functional. IKEA bed sheets have the best collection and the right size for both European and UK beds.

Final Thoughts

In the world of beds, the most high-rated beds that give a comfortable sleep and an aesthetic visual appeal to your bedroom win people’s heart. If you opt to buy a European style when you are resident of the UK, you may find various options in size and designs that are different from the regular UK beds. 

The main difference in both categories is that as compared to UK beds, European beds are slightly bigger in size and have an extended space to sleep. This difference also implies on the bed sheets, you can not simply put on a bed sheet you use on the UK bed size. 

All these divergences are cultural and historical that were created decades ago and still going on. That’s why it is better to understand all the architectural constraints and regional designs in advance to create a region’s outcome for your bedroom. If you are looking to buy a bed in UK, check out our pay weekly beds page.

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