How to Pick the Best Bed For You: A Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide

In order to select the bed carefully while considering its size, storage, style, and other factors, you should know a few things to avoid any problems afterwards.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed

Yes, designing and color is the exciting part when selecting a bed, but you need to consider other important things as mentioned below. 

1. Style
2. Space
3. Storage
4. Size
5. Firmness
6. Sleeping pattern

1. Style

bed with style

When there is a wide range of options available, it becomes hard to pick the bed that best suits your room. But, don’t worry we are here to help.

If you like to follow the trend, then you may want modern-style beds like bunk beds, divan beds, antique beds, or storage beds that come with fabric-covered bed frames.

2. Space

bed with space

Space is the main factor when buying a bed. You have to check all the measurements like length, width, and height of the bed as well as the bed frames

Bed frames come in different heights so it’s important to check it carefully and ensure that it doesn’t take extra space in your room. Also, if you want to add drawers alongside the bed, then you must leave some empty space beforehand.

Most people choose a lower bed frame because it gives a comfortable space, while a high frame can be a little congested and uneasy.  It’s all about the right preference to give a fresh and new look to the bedroom.

3. Storage

If you are tight on space and need a place to put clothes that are out of season or extra house items, then under-bed space is the best way to bloat the storage options. 

Many beds have storage options but still there are a few bed frames that don’t include the storage space. You must check the dimensions of the certain bed frame to ensure that there is enough space.

4. Size

bed size

The room space decides the size of your bed so when you choose a bed, keep in mind that you pick the ideal size. You must measure everything before buying a bed to avoid any trouble.

How to Choose the Bed Size?

The most common size for bedrooms is either king size beds or double beds because of the wide space in the room. Also, it is a comfortable choice for a bedroom, not for small rooms. 

For small rooms, single beds or small double beds will be a suitable choice because it comes with under-bed storage that helps in boosting the storage areas and useful to store any extra items. 

There are other options for those who don’t fit in bed because of their height. Many bed frames come with the solution to measure the desired length of the bed. 

Another option is king size beds or super king size beds that are usually higher in length than double beds.

5. Firmness

bed with firmness

A comfortable bed requires firmness and it is important to know about these things when choosing a bed. The bed frames are manufactured utilizing two types: solid slats and sprung slats.

Solid Slats

The most popular and safest option is solid slats because it raises the firmness of the bed and provides a peaceful sleep.

They are straight in shape with no curve or crook. Their proactive base is what makes the mattress feel firm and comfortable.

Solid slats should be your first priority if you prefer a firm bed!

Sprung Slats

Sprung slats are less firm as compared to solid slats. They are somewhat curved and may not provide that much comfort but have their own flexibility.

For mattresses, sprung slats are helpful and give a bouncy feel when you sit on the bed. If you don’t prefer the straight base under the bed, then sprung slats is the right choice for you.

6. Sleeping Pattern

Whether you live alone or share a bed with someone, you will need a comfortable bed that gives you peaceful sleep while giving loads of space. 

If you are buying a bed for yourself, guests or your children, it is important to check if there is enough space that provides a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

Quick & Simple Guide to Bed Types

Here you will get all the necessary information about which type of beds are good and what can be the use of each bed.

Sofa Beds

sofa bed

Sofa bed is the best option for those who are home decor enthusiasts. It is a mixture of both sofa and bed which can be useful for a TV lounge. 

Get yourself a sofa bed right now and enjoy the movie night with unlimited comfort.

TV Beds

TV beds look exactly how it sounds. If you like to watch TV all day while laying in bed, then you should buy this bed. 

It comes with a television attached to the bottom base of the bed. The design and structure is fascinating and attractive and will give you the best time.

Ottoman Beds

If you need extra space in the room, then get your hands on ottoman beds today. The under-bed space is a great way to maximize the storage spaces and to place any extra item. 

The whole base of the bed is much wider in space than the drawer and allows you to place many things. Double beds with storage are the most helpful thing these days and you will have no regrets if you buy it once.

Divan Beds

Divan bed is the most popular type of beds because of its ultra-modern style drawers underneath the bed that are easier to use. 

Another storage option that is more convenient and affordable. You can also choose either solid slat or sprung slat for this bed according to your ease.

Guest Beds

guest bed

Taking care of guests is an essential part of our lives and guest beds are what you need. The guests need a comfortable rest and sleep and it is important to get them the best material. 

Guest beds come in double sized beds and also in the folding form. There are plenty of options available and all are budget-friendly so grab ours now!

Kids Beds

Let’s not forget about the kids, younger children and toddlers who also need comfort and peaceful sleep on a cozy bed. Here are some kids’ beds that are common in today’s world.

– Cots
Bunk Beds
– Small single bed
– Customized car beds

Types of Bed Frames

Just like bed styles, the bed frames are another factor to consider when buying a bed. There are extensive varieties in bed frames. We will enlist some of the main types of bed frames. 

Metal Bed Frames

metal bed frames

Metal bed frames are in demand these days because of the well-built and modern design. Using this bed frame will give your bed a traditional, elegant look. 

The colors and designs have a broad range and you can get it easily at a reasonable price. 

Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are another great option for your bed. It can be made in various types of woods like oak, maple, cherry, or pine.

The wood effect in your room gives a classic modern look and the bed with wood frames is the most attractive part about the room.

Fabric Bed Frames

fabric bed frames

If you need a more traditional-looking bed or you are not a fan of metal or wood, then fabric-covered bed frames are the best option.

There are various designs in fabric bed frames so you will definitely find one according to your taste.

How to Buy a Bed?

First, select the bed, pick the design you want and proceed to payment. The bed will be delivered at your doorstep as soon as the payment is done.  

You can also choose one of the flexible payment methods if you are low on budget. You can buy now and pay later with our pay weekly or pay monthly plan starting from £10 per week. If you want to purchase it from the store, then you use your card or cash. 

Pay with the method that’s more convenient for you because we care about our customers. Also, don’t forget to check our collection of beds for sale with some amazing latest designs!

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