Kids Beds Ideas for Small Rooms

kids bed

Choosing a bed for your kids might not be an easy task since there are many things to consider like size, shape, material, and design. To provide your child a better sleep, you must choose the bed that is comfortable.

Buying kids beds for small rooms might take some but they are easy to find. There are plenty of options available. Apart from the size, design matters too because that’s what level up the overall image of the room.

When you buy a bed for your kids, you should choose wisely because a bed also helps in the growth of a child and benefits in other ways as well.

Types of Kids Beds

Once you discover how many types of beds are available, you will be surprised! There are many varieties in designs, materials, and models.

Here are some of the popular beds ideas for kids that are budget-friendly and perfect for small rooms.

1. Bunk Beds

bunk beds

Bunk beds are the best and the most common choice for a kids room. It comes in various beautiful designs and is a perfect space-saving option for the room.  If you are a family with two or three kids, then bunk beds will be a great choice because it comes with double and triple bunks.

Bunk beds come with the attached ladder that helps the kids climb to the top bunk safely. Consider the ceiling height of the room before buying a bed because the size should be perfect for kids to avoid any injuries.  Here are a few types of bunk beds that are good for younger kids. 

  • Single bunk beds
  • Double bunk beds
  • L-shape bunk beds 
  • Austin bunk beds
  • Treehouse bunk beds

You can either get a wooden bunk bed or metal and customize it according to the room. To be on the safe side, it is better to get wooden bunk beds because it is less harmful in case the child gets hurt while playing.

2. Loft Beds

loft beds

Loft beds and bunk beds are pretty much the same but have some extra benefits. For example, if your kids love reading or drawing, then they might need a little more space so loft beds are a great choice for them.

Apart from this, loft beds are also good for small rooms and help maximize the storage space. You can get many designs in loft beds and even get a customized one. 

3. Trundle Beds

trundle beds

Trundle bed is a small bed that comes with a sliding bed on the down side. The most amazing part about this bed is that it doesn’t take up much space in the room.  Your kids can play all day in the room in the comfortable spot and then use the trundle bed at night to have a peaceful sleep.

Also, trundle beds come in triple set if you are looking for a bed for three kids.  This is the perfect bed choice for small rooms and the design is also different from other beds so your kid will definitely love this new style. 

4. Daybeds 

If your kids often invite their friends at home and like to spend a day with them, then you should add daybeds in the room. You will not only get a bed but also a kind of couch to sit and relax.

When you turn the daybed into a couch, you can play games, read books, or draw something in a very comfortable way. Daybeds are the best kids sofa beds and are popular these days.

5. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds come with a tucking mode which fits the bed straight into the wall. It is a good choice if your kids are not too young because it might be dangerous in case a kid accidentally unfolds the bed.

You can also get creative with Murphy beds by adding a desk with it when the bed is tucked in the wall so your children can use the desk to do their homework or other stuff.  Murphy beds can be really helpful for the small rooms since they don’t take much space.

6. Cots 


If you want a bed for a baby, then cot is the best and the safest option since it comes with a protection and is easy to fit in the room.  Also, cots are lighter in weight so if you need to move on a new spot, you can do it all by yourself. The colors and designs are unlimited so ensure that you choose the most attractive one. 

7. Toddler Beds 

toddle beds

Toddler beds are smaller than the regular kids beds and are the perfect fit for a kids bedroom. They are close to the ground so it is safer for a toddler to get off the bed easily.  If your kid is 1 or 2 years old, then you can use toddler beds for them. It will save you space in the room and ensure the protection of your kid. 

8. Junior Beds

junior beds

Junior sized beds are similar to toddler beds but 10 inches larger in size. If your kid’s room is not too small, then you can go for it.  When your kid is around 6 or 7 years old, you can replace the toddler bed with a junior sized bed. Kids grow when they see other things grow around them so it is important to make a change. 

Which Material is the Best for Kids Beds

It is important to know a few things before buying a kids bed. Wood, metal, and plastic are the three materials that the kids bed is made of. Let us guide with what is the safest choice for a kid. 


Wood is the most common material used for bed frames and can be found all over the world. There are different types of woods but the most common ones used to make kids beds are:

  • Solid wood – if you get hardwood, it will be a bit dense and stronger. But, if you get softwood, it will be a better option since it’s long-lasting and more popular. 
  • Plywood – these contain thin layers of manufactured wood which then stick together and make a more hard-wearing result as compared to solid wood. 

When buying a kids bed for small rooms, remember to choose the beds with plywood since it is the safest option in every way and more endurable. Solid woods, on the other hand, are not really common and are expensive these days, especially hardwood. To save you time and money, we would like to suggest the best options for the kids beds and ensure that you won’t regret your decision. 

-Metals and Plastics 

Metals and plastics are rarely common and most people don’t prefer them for bed frames. Both of them are weaker than wood frames and don’t have such sustainability. Metals don’t give a good look to kids’ beds and often yelps. Where, on the other hand, plastic is not popular for supporting much weight of bed frames but you can go for it if you are low on budget.  

Final Thoughts 

When you pick a perfect bed for kids, you will be at peace too. Choosing beds for kids is not an easy task, especially for small rooms but there’s always a solution. We hope the ideas mentioned above helped you select the best bed for your kids with the perfect size and creative designs.

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