10 Best Bedroom Renovation Ideas

bedroom renovation

Bedroom is the last thing that house owners consider while renovating the house. It’s important to focus on the bedroom as well because you might get bored with the design. With some great creative ideas, you can liven up your bedroom and give it a fresh new look.

The options are unlimited including the flooring, bed, wall, colour, etc. You can choose any style that matches your taste.

Reasons Why Bedroom Renovation is Important

Most people forget to focus on the bedroom while renovating the house, they tend to care more about other house parts like the bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

Either it’s a master bedroom, kids room, or guest room, a change in the bedroom is also essential because:

  • It has its own pleasing environment that gives a comfortable feel.
  • The same usual design might affect your mood in different ways.
  • A good interior promotes better sleep and keeps you active.
  • It can make your guests feel comfortable with the aesthetic appearance.
  • It needs a storage space so you don’t feel crowded in the room.
  • The colors, artworks, interior might be outdated and need a quick replacement.
  • It needs good lighting to make your room look bright which is also good for screen time.

Things to Prepare for Before Renovating the Bedroom

There are a few things that you should prepare for before renovating the house so that you can avoid any trouble afterwards.

1. Find a Contract Worker

contract worker

People with creative thinking and skills tend to decorate the room with their own ideas but sometimes what they want might be beyond their ability.

In such a case, you must hire a professional worker who can turn your imagination into reality. They have more knowledge about all the work regarding everything that is needed for bedroom renovation.

With years of experience, they can not only renovate the bedroom with your desired design, but also suggest more ideas that will be the best for our room.

2. Designing


Designing is the main factor in the renovation process. It’s good to have a designed plan in advance because it will save you time.

There are different types of designs for different types of rooms. For example, large or small rooms, guest rooms, or master bedrooms. Before planning, ensure that the design you want is suitable for the room or not.

3. Keep It in Budget


Once you are done deciding the design, check out the latest prices of the materials that are needed. If you are hiring a professional worker, ensure that the fees are under your budget. Go forward if you have enough budget in your hand.

There are other options for those who don’t fit in bed because of their height. Many bed frames come with the solution to measure the desired length of the bed.

Another option is king size beds or super king size beds that are usually higher in length than double beds.

Ideas for Bedroom Renovation

Once you are done making the decision of remodeling the bedroom, you will have to think about ideas. If you have your own idea, that’s great! But, if you can’t think of anything, we are here to help you with some amazing ideas to redesign your bedroom.

1. Pick the Fascinating Color

paint colour

Wall color is the first thing in the bedroom that attracts everyone. Choosing the right color is the best way to give your room a fresh new look. There are a wide range of varieties when it comes to colors.

For small bedrooms, colors with light shade are the best choice. Some of the examples are soft purple and pink, yellow or blue that will give a calming effect.

Classic and royal colors are the most popular choices for all rooms, especially bedrooms large in size. Shades of green, gray, and blue are the most common ones.

Every color has its own vibrance but still you would like the best color for your bedroom since it’s a place of peacefulness.  Deep and bold colors like red, gold, or bright green might not be the suitable choice for a room that is your relaxing spot.

Here are some of the popular paint colors recommendation that you might like:

  • Bush pink
  • Aqua blue
  • Royal purple
  • Pastel lavender
  • Bridgerton pink
  • Lemon yellow
  • Light lilac
  • Grant gray
  • Rich teal
  • Butter yellow
  • Lime green
  • Light gray-green

If you are into painting and stuff, then you can buy the paint color of your choice and paint the wall by yourself. On the other hand, there are plenty of skilled painters available so you can hire one easily.

2. New Flooring


Flooring is another important part of the bedroom and there are many options available in different categories. The safest choice would be a warm and cozy floor that is not slippery.

If you want to go with another style according to your bedroom design, then you can do that too. Here are some flooring options that you should know.

– Carpets


If you like a simple and warm floor, then carpets will be the best choice for you. There are plenty of colors and design available and you can also get customized football carpets.

Carpets come in various types so you should pick the one that is comfortable for you. Most popular choices are wool, textured, and saxony carpets but you can check out other categories too.

– Wood Flooring


Wood flooring is the best way to add beauty in the bedroom because of its simple and warmth look. If you are a fan of wood material, then you should definitely add wood flooring in your room.

If you are new to wood flooring, then we have a few recommendations. Oaks, maple, ash, and bamboo woods are in demand these days.

– Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is another great option to enlighten the bedroom floor and give it a new look. It comes in various styles that will go well according to the decoration.

You can get the laminate flooring done at a reasonable price as compared to wood flooring.

Also, keep in mind that laminate flooring is an easy target for scratching and might bend due to the splashing of water or any other liquid item.

3. Get Creative with Wall Art

wall art

Artwork is another great bedroom decorating idea if you need a change. Look for the available space and use your creative ideas to fill it up.

Wall art includes family photos, painting, quotations art, or a simple line art. You can either hang on a large abstract painting or a bunch of small random paintings, both arrangements will enhance the decoration of your bedroom.

4. Upgrade the Lighting


A bedroom looks great when it shines with bright lighting. During the bedroom renovation process, ensure that you replace the old, dull lighting with a new one.

If you like to keep it simple, then get the regular lights or if you need something new, there are plenty of options available.

– LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

These are the most popular lights in today’s world because of its elegance. The lights are fixed in the ceiling and covers with a glass that makes it look more ethereal.

– Chandeliers

Are you into royal or classic bedroom style? Chandeliers are a good option for better lighting. Remember that a chandelier usually comes in a bigger size so only go for it if your bedroom has a high ceiling.

– Pendant Light

Pendant lights are another great option to level up the beauty of your bedroom. It comes in different shapes and styles. These lights come with a long chain or rod attached above that hangs on the ceiling.

5. Add Some Plants


Indoor plants are not necessarily important but they are good for your health and help enlighten your mood. There are plenty of options available for bedroom plants that are budget-friendly and easy to find.

  • Snake plant
  • Lavender
  • Aloe vera
  • Rubber plant
  • Monstera
  • Lucky bamboo

6. Organize the Furniture

organize the furniture

After designing and styling the other areas of bedrooms, let’s come to the main furniture. A bedroom renovation is incomplete without rearranging the furniture because you might get tired of the usual setting and need a new look.

If your bedroom furniture is brand new, then you just have to change its position. But, if your bed is outdated and the bed frames look dull and you are thinking of a new one, then you can find many great options.

Some of the great beds recommendation for bedrooms are:

If you are low on budget, then look at the shops or websites that have beds on sale at the moment. Ensure that you go through a proper bed buying guide when shopping for a bed.

7. Enfold the Windows


Window treatments are a great technique to lighten up the structure of your bedroom. There are plenty of good options for window covers. Some of them are:

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Shades

Covering the window will not only give your bedroom a colorful and textured look but also save you from the heated light in the summer season.

8. Expand the Decor

expand the decor

If you have a bedroom in a bigger size and after changing a few things you still have some space available, then don’t leave it empty. It’s always good to add small things that won’t look heavy and give a creative look.

You can add a mini one-seater couch or stool, a lamp alongside the bed, or a wide mirror to check your daily outfits clearly.

There are many options so never miss the chance to use your creative ideas and be productive in renovating the bedroom.

9. Put on a Wallpaper


If you are allergic to paint smell, then wallpaper is the best way to upgrade the look of your bedroom. There are varieties of designs and colors available so you will surely find the one according to your liking.

Plain, patterned, or textured wallpapers can enhance your bedroom and give it a fresh new look.

10. Add a Desk


When you are using a laptop or writing something on a notebook, the bed might not be a relaxing option for that. You will need a mini desk and a comfortable chair that will help you work comfortably with no back pain.

This is also a great option for artists, a sketchbook needs a straight base so you can draw well. Adding a desk in your bedroom will be very helpful for your work and it will also give a creative look to your bedroom.

There are many options so never miss the chance to use your creative ideas and be productive in renovating the bedroom.

Summing Up

A bedroom renovation is a great way to rearrange everything and make it look like a new room. With so many ideas, you can enlighten your bedroom with new furniture, artworks, paint, and other items.

We hope the ideas given above helped you with the bedroom renovation process. In the end, you must always choose what’s best suitable according to your style. If you want to buy a bed with flexible payment method, check out our pay weekly beds.

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