Best Round Beds Selling Brands in UK 2024

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There is something about round beds that make your room so luxurious and appealing. Round beds come in many varieties; the designs and colors are tremendous. When you think of changing the bed style, you might like the idea of round beds. 

There are many great furniture brands that sell round beds in various designs. If you are looking for a round bed and don’t know where to start from since there are many brands, then don’t worry at all. 

In this post, we will discuss some of the best selling brands in the UK that have high-quality round beds. Let’s get started! 

What is a Round Bed?

A round bed is a centerpiece of the room that gives a theatrical, luxurious look while creating a warmth effect. Its unique round shape is what makes it unique which is why round beds never go out of style. 

Since it is totally different from other regular beds, it has different dimensions. The popular size of round beds lie between 220 and 240 cm. Once you buy the bed, you will have to buy a mattress that fits perfectly so keep the measurements in mind when doing a round bed shopping. 

Advantages of Round Beds

Thinking of a round bed always creates a luxurious image of the room but are there any advantages of round beds in reality? 

In quality, round beds and normal rectangular or square shaped beds are kind of similar. When it comes to round beds advantages, there are some: 

1. Variety 

Round beds have so many options available in style, size, and mattresses. Get creative with your interior decorating skills and add a modern round bed in your room. 

When you upgrade your room with a round bed, you will see a difference in space as it requires less storage in the room. Because of its unique and space-saving round shape, people prefer to use it. 

2. Price 

When you look at the modern round beds, you will see the high prices. But, that’s not the case in each type of round bed. You can get the affordable ones if you buy latex, innerspring, or PU foam. 

3. Customized 

Just like other regular beds, you can get a customized round bed too. You can make it on order with a professional worker who is experienced in bed designing. 

You will have to provide the right size and the desired style to get the best and satisfying results. 

4. Comfort 

Another great benefit of getting a round bed is that it will give you a relaxed and comfortable sleep because of its softness and warmth. 

Since round beds have no sharp edges, you can easily walk around in the room with freedom. 

5. Room View

Round beds have no restriction to set the bed against the wall like rectangular beds. You can set it up anywhere in the room for a different view. Because there are no corners, it will be easier for you to move even in the center of the room. Get creative with the decoration!

Best Round Beds Selling Brands

There are tons of brands in the UK that sell round beds with great qualities and upgraded designs. To save you time, we have gathered a few amazing brands that will get you a comfortable, luxurious round bed. 

1. Bedmill

chesterfield round bed 

The most popular brand for beds with lots of categories. Single bed, double bed, or round bed, you can buy any design of your choice and they won’t disappoint with the quality and material. 

Bedmill provides the best designs that can enhance your bedroom and give it a fresh new look. This well-known brand is not only popular for its bed styles but also guides you about all the size and measurement. 

Round beds come in different sizes, depending on which one you want. If you want a round bed for a kid, then 5×5 size is the right choice. As for a family, 7×7 is the ideal size. 

Apart from this, there are many other sizes for teenagers, adults, couples and even XL for a family. 

The types of round beds this brand offer are:

  • Icon round bed
  • Octagon round bed
  • Couture round bed
  • Chesterfield round bed
  • Penthouse round bed
  • Lotus round bed
  • Studio round bed
  • Glamour round bed 
  • Gothic round bed

2. JV Furniture

round bed jv furniture

Another great brand to buy round beds is JV furniture. It is a UK based company that sells different kinds of beds with a wide range of designs. 

When you see color options in round beds, it will surprise you because there are many varieties. The most popular round beds here are leather fabric ones because of its aesthetic look and pretty colors. 

An additional thing this brand included in round beds is led lights that are placed under the bed and gives a new look to your bed as well as your room. 

3. Teds Beds

round bed ted beds

If you want a handcrafted bed then you must check out this amazing brand. The amount of colors this brand provides is phenomenal. The upholstered style of the bed is the perfect way to give a romantic feel to the bedroom.  

Once you buy a round bed, you will not be disappointed by the quality and material, providing a comfortable sleep at the end of the day. 

If you are low on budget, then teds beds is the right choice since it is affordable and you can order it online with free delivery. 

4. Furniture Direct

round bed furniture direct

If you want to upgrade your bed and buy a luxurious round bed with deep, nourishing colors, then furniture direct is the right place for you. 

You can find icon, penthouse, couture, and many more round bed styles with a proper size guide. The best part about this brand is that once you select a design and buy a round bed frame, you can also get a mattress from the furniture direct. 

5. Sales 4 You

Sales 4 you is popular for handcrafted round beds in the UK and it never fails to impress with the style. Adding a round bed will give a theatrical charm to your room because of its unique and round shape. 

The customers who bought from this brand have never complained about the material and left a positive response. So, if you are thinking of getting a round bed, then you should definitely give this brand. 

6. Top Notch Furnishers 

round bed top notch furniture

At top notch furnishers, you will find a bunch of great round beds ideas for small or big bedrooms. If your room is small and you are thinking of buying a storage round bed, then top notch furnishers is the best choice. 

The colors have a wide range so you have a freedom of choice to pick one which is best suitable for your bedroom. Some of the popular round beds colors are gray, blue, green, black, and deep purple. 

7. Etsy

round bed etsy 

Do you want a round bed for yourself and your pet too? Etsy has different sizes available in different styles. If you are a pet-lover and looking for a soft and cozy round bed in the UK, then Etsy will be the best choice. 

If you have already bought the round bed and are looking for pretty bedsheets, then you explore that; you will find some great colorful and even simple, one-colored bed sheets. 

8. Endurance Beds

round bed endurance beds

If you are a first time buyer and new to round beds, then endurance beds will be a great help. From size to cost, it will give you the information you need. 

First thing people consider is money, we should know what the current cost of the round beds is. That’s why it is important to gather some information to save both time and money. 

9. Hob Furniture

round bed hob furniture

Do you want to try out new round bed designs? Hob furniture has a bunch of unique designs which are also perfect fit for standard UK size mattresses. 

Here is the list of a few round bed styles, starting form £1,250: 

  • Rio round bed 
  • Philli round bed 
  • Lacey round bed 
  • Thomas round bed 
  • The heritage round bed
  • The queen B round bed 

10. Manomano

round bed manomano 

If you are looking for a round sofa bed, then you must try manomano which is one of the best selling round beds brands in the UK. They have the magical sofa bed design which you can use in the garden as well. 

The round sofa bed comes with a mini table in the center and lounge chairs attached all together and can be used as an evening tea time in the back yard or indoor.

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