15 Stair Runner Carpet Ideas

stair runner carpet

Stair runner carpet can be a great way to cover up the dull-looking stairs and a protection for children as well. There are plenty of designs and patterns available to help you select the right one. 

If you are a first time buyer, then this post will help you. We have gathered the best stair carpet ideas from which you can pick the one that best suits the background or design of your home.

Let’s get started! 

Stair Runner Carpet Benefits 

Apart from the style and design, installing a stair carpet can benefit in many other ways. This will quickly help you with the decision of installing stair runner carpets in your house.

  • Noise reduction
  • Floor protection
  • Safe for children 
  • Good for wood floor
  • Comfortable for weary feet

Stair runners can be a great advantage for your tired feet, it gives comfort as you step on it. If you have children or pets in your home, then installing stair carpet is the best choice. 

Stair Carpet Ideas to Uplift your Staircase 

To make it easy for you, we have divided the ideas into three categories so you can directly look at them and decide the best design. 

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional 
  • Plain


These stair runner carpets ideas will be the perfect choice if you are fan of today’s world design. Your wooden staircase will be polished with style after installing contemporary style stair runner carpets. 

1. Glasgow

Glasgow stair carpet

The Glasgow stair carpet is best known for its three-shot woven design with a touch of Wilton weave. These stair carpets offer longevity and there are plenty of beautiful colours available to suit any kind of environment in the house. 

2. Diamond

diamond stair carpet

The Diamond styled stair carpet brings out the beauty of both contemporary and traditional interior designs. It is made from pure nylon and wool which makes it easy to install.

These Diamond stair runners offer a classic, flatweave design which is perfect for staircase.  

3. Beach 

beach stair carpet

If you want a simple and contemporary design, then this beach designed stair runner is a great option.

It is made from 20% nylon and 80% wool which is an ideal choice for residential areas in the house. The beach style design can enhance your staircase with beautiful colours. 

4. Coral

coral stair carpet

Coral stair carpets come with six unique designs and are a key example of beautiful, contemporary design.

It can blend perfectly with any interior design around the staircase and you can also find rugs with the same design and style to use in a living room or hallways. 

5. Jacob Grey

jacob grey

Grey colour always brings a different kind of elegance in the house. The contemporary and appealing design offered by Jacob Grey stair runners is perfect for your wooden staircase.

To give a more classic look, you can also add stair rods after applying this stair carpet. 


The traditional stair runners are designed to extend the beauty of the staircase and the surrounding area. The traditional collection offers unique and beautiful designs that can add glamour to any property. 

1. Emir

emir stair carpet

Emir stair runner has a classic European design filled with traditional styling and long-lasting materials. It can be a great use for lifetime due to its longevity and you can find many rich colours that will suit the environment of your house. 

2. Antique Washed 

antique washed

The Antique Washed design is a perfect choice for a wooden staircase because of its durability and two distinct colours.

It has a three-shot woven style with amazing patterns that makes it a perfect choice for both households and commercial areas. 

3. Konia

konia stair carpet

The Konia stair runners are pure traditional carpets that give an old Victorian rugs style. It comes in two designs with a bunch of beautiful colours. 

You can install it on your wooden staircase to give an aesthetic, traditional vibe. Thanks to its exceptional durability, the Konia stair runner fits perfectly with any interior in the house. 

4. Sultan 

sultan stair carpet

The Sultan stair carpet design is a great way to add an appealing style in any household. It comes in two unique designs with amazing, rich colours.

The longevity of this traditional carpet is exceptional so you can pick the one that is best suitable for your wooden staircase. 

5. Kashmir 

kashmir stair carpet

With the combination of 80% wool and 20% polyamide yarn, the Kashmir stair runners bring a beautiful, traditional style. It includes all high quality materials similar to the Emir range.

Because of the wool, a natural product, the Kashmir stair runner brings warmth and strength while giving the luxurious look to the staircase. 


When it comes to the plain category, you will find unlimited colours, size, and materials. One of the easiest stairs carpet ideas when redesigning the wooden staircase. 

1. Elysee 

elysee stair carpet

Elysee is made from 100% pure wool with a Wilton construction. It is available in a bunch of classic designs to boost the beauty of the wooden staircase and living room. It is a heavywear so install it with the help of a professional worker. 

Once you explore the designs and colours, you will be surprised by the collection. Because it offers a long-lasting, beautiful design, you will not regret installing it. 

2. Karl 

karl stair carpet

It is another wonderful option for the staircase that highlights a Jacquard Flatweave which comes in nine colours.

The Karl stair runner design can also be attached with the entrance rug of the door, but you must take advice from someone professional beforehand. 

3. Hellas 

hellas stair carpet

The Hellas range is renowned for its ethereal and iconic designs in Europe. It is the most high quality material, containing many unique designs that can enhance your staircase or hallway.

The Hellas is suitable for any household because of its stunning collection of colours. 

4. Richelieu Escalier

richelieu escalier

The Richelieu Escalier gives a simple and enduring style of stair carpet. It is available in many colours, sizes, and styles which makes it an ideal choice for staircase in any domestic setting. 

5. Avenue 

avenue stair carpet

Avenue range comes in both plain and contemporary categories. It is available in sharp, vibrant colours to enhance your staircase and home’s interior impressively. The Avenue range is best for both staircase and living room

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a stair carpet is not an easy task but when you have a bunch of ideas, it makes it easier for you to select the best one for your staircase. 

There are many things to consider when buying a stair runner like ‘how to measure a stair carpet?’ or ‘which design is the best?’ and to solve these queries, must go through the detail of each style and category. 

There are many ways to buy a stair carpet, you can buy with our pay weekly plan or pay monthly. Take your time exploring the ideas and pick the best carpet for your staircase!

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