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If you live in the UK and want to upgrade your living room with a new sofa, you will find a variety of brands that sell the best quality sofas. 

From classic to contemporary designs, you can find any style you want with unlimited colour options. 

Due to the high demand in the industry, most brands have been investing in the long-lasting quality of sofas. 

We have picked the top 10 of the best sofa brands for you by highlighting the differences in value, price tag, quality, specifications, and customer reviews. 

Top Sofa Brands in UK That You Should Know

sofa brands uk

These 10 sofa brands will not only provide the important details but also save you time from exploring different places. 

So, get your hands on these best quality British sofas and boost the elegance of your living room. 

1. John Lewis & Partners

A well-built and affordable sofa with the traditional design is what most homeowners look for.

Here at John Lewis, you will find more than 300 styles, sizes, colours, and fabrics of sofas that can be pinned down easily. 

You don’t have to worry about the price tag when buying a sofa from this brand because it is one of the affordable sofa brands in the UK. 

Here are the best selling collections at John Lewis with their price range mentioned that will be helpful for you. 

  • Arlo

The Arlo sofas are especially made for compact spaces, featuring a mid-century design in the modern interior with a striking frame and buttoned back. 

There are a total of 24 products in this collection and the prices of this collection range from £499 to £1,449, depending on the style of each product. 

  • Bailey

The bailey collection is best known for its slim style with narrowed legs that make a great addition to any household. 

All of the 45 products in this collection come in many different sizes. Where a single seater bailey sofa can cost you only £249, the L-shape 5 seater will cost £3,019 which is the most expensive one. 

  • Cromwell 

The Cromwell collection has the classic Chesterfield style sofas that come with rolled arms and buttoned back. 

Since these sofas showcase a luxurious and royal look, the prices are also higher. It ranges from £1,099 to £2,449. Depending on the style and colours of the sofa. 

There are more collections at John Lewis that will match with your taste and budget. You can explore all the designs and select the one that suits your living room. 

2. Gamma & Dandy

The well-known Gamma & Dandy is one of the popular sofa brands in the UK, founded in 1974. 

Since this brand specialises in leatherwork, their work never goes out of style and they maintain the traditional style by providing the sofas with finest skins and design.  

With the help of long-established manufacturing methods, their sofas feature the outstanding detailing which is handcrafted by their workers with extreme care. 

When it comes to the prices, Gamma & Dandy is a bit expensive as it is popular for the luxurious sofas. You can get the sofas here from £1,089 to £7,731, but their high quality sofas are worth the price tag. 

3. Tetrad

Tetrad is another sofa brand which is becoming more popular in the UK because of the growing designs and styles every year. 

When you explore tetrad’s sofas, you will come across darker coloured sofas more because this is what tetrad is best known for. 

This colour theme may not be appealing for most homeowners, but once you go through the specifications, the quality will not disappoint you. 

All natural materials like wool and hardwood are used for their covers and frames rather than the cheap options like webbing, which does not showcase the beauty of sofas for a long time. 

Although the quality of these sofas is exceptional and lasts longer, the prices are also high, ranging from £1,499 to £2,699. 

4. Sofas & Stuff

Sofas & stuff is best known for fabric sofas in the UK with 2500+ positive customer reviews which is above average.

The best part about this brand is that you can choose any fabric in the world.

When you finally decide which type of sofa you want, you pick the fabric. Here at sofas & stuff, you will find a wider range of options in fabrics or you can also give them your own. 

The estimated time is about 2-3 weeks and your fabric sofa is ready. Also, this brand offers a ‘pronto’ range of sofas if you need it within a week.

Most fabrics like velvet and wool are pretty expensive, starting with the price up to £2,410 which can be unaffordable for some people. Since these are good quality sofas and offer longevity, it’s worth the price. 

5. Dunelm

If you are looking for sofas with varieties in groovy colours and reasonable price, then Dunelm is the best choice as their sofas feature a designer look with a low price tag. 

You can easily get a 3-seater sofa for £400 instead of spending £3,000+ on other brands.

Dunelm offers a bunch of funky modern designs and exciting colours which is a great way to switch from the boring floral patterns. 

While a single seat sofa costs £190, there are a few expensive sofas too that will cost £1,000+ because of its premium quality. 

Sofas with cheap prices come with a year warrant. Whereas, the expensive ones have 25 years warranty and more.

You can pick any design and order it right away, Dunelm sofas deliver at your home in no time. 

6. DFS

Imagine a place where you can get handmade sofas by experienced craftsmen in the UK. well, DFS is best known for their quality sofas with so many varieties. 

Whether you want corner sofas or recliners, you can find a perfect sofa according to your preference.

Also, if you are confused between fabric and leather sofas,  then you should explore DFS designs. 

Here at DFS, you will find a bunch of attractive sofa designs in fabric and leather with reasonable prices, starting from £699. Some sofas with high quality material might cost more but it’s worth the pay. 

7. Cox & Cox

Sofas with a simple classic look is the specialty of Cox & Cox, featuring soft and pale colours that make these sofas a great addition to the living room. 

You should definitely shop at Cox & Cox if you are a fan of occasional sofas with high back and slim arms. Their sofas are a great option for country-style homes. 

Since they offer some amazing classic sofas, it can be a bit pricey too. The cheapest sofa here will cost £795 and other sofas cost from £1,000 to £3,000 because of the soft colour palette. 

8. OKA

OKA is popular for their attractive patterned sofas which is a wonderful addition to any household in the UK.

Whether you want a single seat sofa or a 3-seater sofa for your living room, OKA has the best furnished designs available for you. 

If you are a person who likes to add a country-style look in the home, then OKA sofas are the best choice. Their contemporary designs and classic colours will surprise you. 

When it comes to the price, these sofas might be expensive for some people. A simple single seat sofa costs £295, but when you buy a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, it can cost you £1,295 and more. 

9. Darlings of Chelsea

Homes with larger space need the addition of great traditional sofas.

Darlings of Chelsea offers the most luxury style sofas made with premium fabric and pure leather chesterfields. 

From modern to traditional, and L-shaped to U-shaped corner sofas, there are many designs and sizes available so you will surely find the best one according to your style. 

You can explore their sofas with the categories of style, size, and arm type that will help you choose the sofa quickly. 

The average prices of their sofas are £2,000+ which may seem expensive but it’s worth the price, the quality will not disappoint you. 

10. Rowen & Wren

Rowen & Wren is becoming popular in the UK for their stylish and upholstered sofas. Their collection upgrades every year and surprises customers with amazing contemporary designs.

The more their designs improve, the more the prices get high but trust me you will pay for the long-lasting quality sofas. 

Whether you get a midnight blue velvet sofa or a simple striped design sofa, it will boost the ambiance of the room aesthetically. 

The starting price of their sofas are £698 and it goes up to £4,598, depending on the fabric, size and quality of the sofa. 

Summing Up

As the designs and styles of sofas keep rising up, the number of brands are getting higher as well.

There are many popular sofa brands in the UK that sell high quality sofas, with both reasonable and high prices. 

The above-mentioned are some of the top sofa brands that are gaining popularity these days because of their quality and long-lasting material. 

Explore each one of them, focusing on the size, style, and colour to select the one that is best suitable according to your preference.

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