12 Different Types of Sofa Names | Which One is the Best?

types of sofas

Your living room’s look is not finished until there’s a ravishing sofa sitting around. The one which complements your interior theme. So at the end of the day, when you crash on the sofa you will feel fulfilled with its look. 

To select the best sofa for your living room, you should learn different names of sofa types based on their shapes, materials, and styles to select the best one. 

From a single seating Ottoman to cosy sleeper sofa beds, the options are endless. But we have found the best 12 different types of sofa names. It gives the comfort you ask for, fit in your style, and becomes center of the attention.

As the sofa is the centrepiece of the living room, you must select the right one according to the setting and space. 

How to Choose the Best Sofa?

Choosing the right sofa depends upon three main things; size, arms and frames. You should also look for which material is the best for the sofa

But the best sofa is one that suits you and your family’s mood. If you have a big family with toddlers, the sectional sofa will be the best option. Moreover, if you are going to use your sofa for a good night’s sleep, sofa beds will be your sleep partners. 

Although, if you want to complement your bedroom with a sofa you can explore different sofa design ideas for the bedroom

But, if you have a hard time understanding the difference in sofa types, then don’t worry! We are here to help. 

Different Types of Sofas by Name

Here are some different types of sofas by name so you can find them easily near you. 

1. Convertible Sectional Sofas

sectional sofas

Sectional sofas are widely loved because of their versatile nature. It consists of 2-3 pieces combined to form an L or U shape.
People love these L-shaped 2-3 pieces because they can be converted into one or two pieces to adjust your space. It trumps all the one-piece traditional sofas. It comes with seats and cushions. And the comfy design is best for big families and toddlers especially.
In this case, the Lux U-shape sofa is popular for its variety of colours and comfortable design.

2. Antique Chesterfield Sofas

chesterfield sofas

One of the well-known designs for the living room, a Chesterfield sofa can is a large couch with rolled arms, It has deep-button tufting, originally styled in dark leather. 

But today’s modern Chesterfield sofas have exchanged the strong original material with velvet and other cloth stuffing and have slimmer backs and arms. It comes in 2 & 3-seater or L-shaped corners to elevate your living room.

3. Evergreen Mid-Century Sofas

mid century sofas

A type of couch that suits all the time is a Mid-century sofa. They never go out of fashion and always give a boho look to your space. The minimalist design and clean lines makes it suitable for small area. 

These comes in high-quality and due to it’s minimalist style you can pair it with various living room carpets. Because it has a slim profile, narrow legs, and thin arms, you can freely style it with bold accessories and different colours according to the vibe of your living room.

4. Sofa Beds or Sleeper Sofas

sofa beds

Good night sleep is a priority. We are looking for the best bed for us. But if you have a small space to adjust a bed you can choose a sofa bed or sleeper sofa.

Most people mix these two sofa types because they sound the same but there is a slight difference between them. 

Sleeper sofas come with a thin mattress and metal frame underneath the cushions that turn into a bed after pulling out. Whereas, sofa beds are designed to lay flat to form a mattress to sleep.

5. Grand High-back Sofas


sofas for small living room

Another different type of sofa name that finishes the look of your living room while giving a comfy support to your back. High-back sofas, as the name suggests, are heightened from the back. 

It supports your neck and shoulders. So when you are back from the hectic day, you can relax in your longue with an elegant sofa.

High-back sofas are inspired by Chesterfield but it has a modern style. So, you can call it a modern Chesterfield as well.

Moreover, you can buy a 2 & 3-seater Sofa set or adjust the small space with corner high-back sofas.

6. Modern Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge

Chaise lounge is a kind of stylish sofa that is often used in bedrooms, living rooms or suites because of its minimal and comfy theme. 

It came from the early Egyptian times and gained popularity in France late 20th century. Hence, the name becomes Chaise, a French word that means “long chair”.

Some chaise lounge sofas include arms and some may not. But, still, it is great to fill up the empty space and give a touch of luxury. This type of half-sitting and half-laying sofa is also gaining popularity because of its style which is great for relaxation.

7. English Roll Arm Sofas

English roll arm sofas

The English roll-arm sofa is known for its low arms with high back style. These types of sofas showcase the design of tight backs, deep seats, and rolled arms especially. These roll arms give a chic and elegant look. 

This sofa dates back to the Victorian era. It gained popularity in England and has become a favourite to many homeowners because of its great comfort and affordable price tag.

Many celebrities have these sofas at their home. You can choose them in 2 & 3 seater or L-shaped corner to reduce space.

8. Stylish Camelback Sofas

camelback sofas

Camelback sofas represent the antique style from the 18th century which is still popular in today’s modern world.  The exposed wood on top of the back and arms with arched back and wood legs make it aesthetically attractive. 

Although this pretty sofa can uplift the look of your living room, remember that this kind of piece needs to be re-stuffed when it gets dirty.  

In such cases, Pay Weekly Flooring offers a sofa on bad credit service which will get you the best quality sofa with an affordable price tag.

9. Elegant Tuxedo Sofas 

tuxedo sofas

Tuxedo sofas are similar to chesterfield sofas in height. It comes rectangular with tufted back, seat cushions, and wood legs. 

Well, these types of sofas might not be too comfortable because of the insufficient reclining angle at the back, but the straight, clean-cut lines feature the class look with bold colours. You can pair such sofas with some appealing patterned carpet

10. Cute Loveseat Sofas 


loveseat sofa

The loveseat is basically a two-seater sofa that comes in different styles and designs, such as cabriole, flared arm, fully tufted, and many more. It was designed in ancient times to adjust the flowy dresses of ladies.

Loveseat sofas are mainly used for small sitting areas, whether it is for the living room or bedroom. Although it might be different from other types of sofas, you can still use it for kids or as a bench to relax your tired feet. 

11. Easy Recliner Sofas 

recliner sofas

If you like to relax with your feet up after a long, tiring day, then a recliner sofa is the right choice for you. This is a type of sofa that lies with the help of a footrest with a raised front and a lowered back. 

These are comfortable and top picks for people among aged people who need a relaxed cushiony support. You can get this sofa in different sizes, such as 2-seaters or 3-seaters with pretty colours.

12. Effortless Corner Sofas

Ashley Sofas Available At Pay Weekly Flooring.
Corner Sofa

Corner Sofas are always the choice of many due to their versatile and flexible nature. You can put it in any corner of your living room or bedroom. It will look effortlessly beautiful while occupying as less of space as possible.  

Olympia Corner comes with a comfy couch-like structure with cushions on the top and a small coffee table. 


However, these sofas are stylish but expensive yet you can enjoy these luxurious vibes, you will also find the budget-friendly ones. 

Here, pay weekly sofas give you the best quality and you can get them with convenient payment plans without any financial burden. So, get yours now!

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