Sofa Ideas For Small Living Rooms | 12 Best Designs

sofas for small living room

Sofas are the centrepiece of the living room, creating a perfect ambiance to the whole interior design. 

Finding a sofa for the limited space in your living area can be a hassle sometimes. We spend our time focusing on whether you want a stylish sofa or something that provides comfort. 

There are many sofa designs ideas that will comfortably fit in your small living room.

To help you choose the right sofa, we have mentioned a few amazing sofa ideas below. These ideas will turn the empty space into a cosy seating area. 

Best Sofa Ideas for Small Living Rooms 

Your living room is a place where you spend more time relaxing and have a get-together. 

When it comes to small living rooms, it’s important to use some creative ideas. We should fill up that compact space with a sofa that is stylish and comfortable.

1. The Traditional Sofa

the traditional sofa

The classic two-seater sofa with small legs can add a beautiful and pleasant look to your small living room. 

If you are looking for a vintage style sofa, then this is the best choice as it boosts the aesthetic of your living room by providing a great comfort. 

The best part about traditional sofas is that with its small wheels you can easily rearrange it to a different setting, depending on the occasion.  

2. Small Daybed

small daybed

A small daybed can be another great addition to the small living room along with other benefits. 

This is a key furniture piece where you can take a nap, read books, work on a laptop, play video games or just sit and relax. 

Given the size and design, daybeds have become an ideal choice for living rooms with small spaces. 

3. Corner Sofas

corner sofa

Instead of going for a two small sofa set, add a corner sofa to maximise the space and have everyone seated together. 

If you have a tv in your living room, then adding a corner sofa can bring numerous benefits. You can also put a mini table alongside the sofa to have some snacks. 

4. Soft Fabric Sofas

soft fabric sofa

There is one great advantage of having a small living room is that you can create a cosy seating area with small fabric sofas. 

Be it velvet or brushed cotton, you can get any customised fabric sofa according to the size of your living room and make a comfortable seating area. 

5. Add a Window Sofa

window sofa

Small living rooms with a window give you a free hand to use your creative ideas and create a personalised seating area. 

Since window sofas are mostly customised so it’s hard to find the perfect size at stores. You can hire a professional carpenter and they can get the job done easily. 

For a more artistic look, you can have a drawer below where you can keep things like card games or snacks.

Window sofa creates a cosy environment in the small living rooms and is the best option if you have kids at home. 

6. Ottoman Sofas

ottoman sofa

The ottoman sofas never go out of style and add a great seating environment. You can get it with custom wheels to make it an easy fit in the living room.  

These sofas are not only appealing because of the designs but also comfortable enough to put your feet on after a long, tiring day. 

7. Minimalist Sofa

minimalist sofa

If you are not aware, minimalist interior design can turn a small living room into a vast, spacious one. 

Get a minimalist design sofa with toned colours, focusing on the comfortable material.

When it comes to the appearance, minimalistic sofas give the feeling of more space in the small living room. 

8. Modern Curved Sofas

modern curved sofa

If you want to add a touch of modern beauty in your small living room, curved sofas are the best choice.

The unique design with soft fabric and bold colours can do wonders to your compact space. 

You can set curved sofas with a mini round table and have a cup of coffee with your family and friends without consuming a lot of space in the living room and create a cosy seating area. 

9. Get a Lightweight Sofa

lightweight sofa

It is important to look for a compact and straight-lined sofa if your living room is small. A lightweight sofa is not just physically and  visually appealing but also makes your living room look neat and larger. 

When choosing a sofa, ensure that it meets with the colour and style of your living room and is perfect in size. 

You can also consider a lightweight sofa for bedrooms as it is easily moveable and does not take much space. 

10. Place the Sofa Alongside the Wall

sofa alongside the wall

Here is what you can do to make your room feel lighter and not crowded, just fit the sofa alongside the wall and add a mini table in the centre with pretty trending carpets

Many homeowners make a huge mistake by putting a sofa in the centre when the living room is already small.

If you put it alongside the wall, you don’t only get free space but it also boosts the overall look of the living room. 

11. Sectional Sofas

sectional sofa

If you like to fit too much seating in the living room, then you have the option of sectional sofas as they come in small sizes and in a set of three pieces. 

You can get a pair or a whole set of sectional sofa and place it in the living room according to your setting.

There are varieties of colours available so pick the one that is best suitable for your room. 

12. Get Creative with Customisation 

Getting a customised sofa can solve many problems as it matches with your liking and you know what size you want. 

It does not necessarily have to be a sofa, your living room space will also look great with small couches or sofa beds. Pick something that will be the best choice for comfort. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you get a readymade sofa or not, it is important to get the one that is best in style and comfort. 

We hope the above-mentioned sofa ideas for small living rooms helped you. 

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